Tuesday, 23 January 2018

What are the steps to tune Dell laptop battery?

Laptop’s batteries offer its users a pre-determined number of charging cycles and continually lose a small part of their charge. The computer heats up when a lithium-ion battery unused inside a laptop and run off the AC adapter. As it gets hot more frequently the battery discharges, if it remains inside a laptop while continually running off the AC power, then it is a constant condition of charging and discharging and eating up precious charges. It might be possible you need to tune your battery in order to gain the more charging power.

Follow these steps to do so else take help from Dell support team.

Directions to follow:

First, you need to unplug AC adapter from your PC, use your Dell laptop on its battery power. Now you need to wait until it gets drained completely and your device gets turned off itself.

Now you have to keep your laptop off for at least 10 to 15 minutes and don’t connect the PC to the power source at this time.

Now press the laptop’s power button in order to turn it ON and don’t connect it with the power source still. Now you need to wait to turn it ON again itself that will take around 10 minutes at which point its battery gets fully discharged.

Now you have to connect your Dell PC to a power source by putting the battery inside it. You have to charge your device until its indicator in the system tray in the lower right side of the screen displays you it is fully charged. You have to charge it for next 30 minutes even after looking at the message it’s fully charged.

You have to repeat this process at least 3 or more times, possibly take few days at which Dell laptop battery will be tuned appropriately.

You need to download a laptop battery monitoring software application to keep a track of your charging and discharging cycles and overall performance. Once you download it, you have to double-click on the icon in order to launch the installer and follow on-screen prompts to complete its installation process.

For information, you can make a call on Dell support number 1-800-921-785