Monday, 28 August 2017

What Are the Different Ways to Improve the Battery Life of a Dell Laptop?

Dell laptop is one of the widely used and preferred used laptop around the world widely known for its long screen-on time. Using modern tech Dell helped you to charge your laptop faster. But to keep a battery get drained quickly there are things that you need to do. What are these things and How can you make your laptop battery last longer is a question. 

Everyone is using modern tech and continuously fitting batteries with high capacity to hold the charge. But laptop owners nowadays are trying to find various ways to improve the performance of their laptop screen-on time. According to Dell support, being a leading manufacturer to build mobile computing device, there are various things you can do to make your Dell battery last longer. It includes these following ways:

ways to improve the battery life of a Dell Laptop

  • Pick a battery that suits you best. Under the same use requirements, a lower capacity will certainly drain out faster than a battery with a higher capacity as it has to be charged more often. 
  • Turn on notebook's power-saving controls to limit unwanted tasks during your regular use. Or do it manually by turning off Bluetooth if it is not needed; reducing the screen brightness when conditions permit.
  • Avoid exposure to excessive temperatures. If a system comes close to extreme cold or hot temperatures, let it warm up/cool down before turning it on again or connecting it to the charger. 
  • Opposed to batteries which are used in past, modern lithium-ion does not need to be fully discharged to stay in good health.
  • Batteries wear with use and time, this is very common. When you find batteries are no longer providing satisfactory run-time, it may be time to buy a new battery. 

Dial Dell Australia support number 1–800–921–785 to ask about to buy online or buy it directly from its store.
If you are a busy person who uses their laptop most of the time, it's time for you to be more reasonable. Take note of these tips from DELL. These are surely useful info that ensures a longer battery life

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